Daniel Bruce

Daniel Bruce studied art direction at the prestigious Red & Yellow School of advertising (setup and run by Ogily). Soon thereafter he crossed over from the agency side to the production end as a Director of both commercials and film projects. At the age of twenty-three (2005) Daniel was the youngest professional director to break through in the Netherlands as a commercial director at Czar/Comrad, one of the biggest production houses in Amsterdam. Since then he has gained vast experience over the past years and 100+ commercials later, as well as been taught by some of the top film guru’s such as Robert McKee and Judith Weston.

Daniel has had the opportunity to work with world class agencies such as DDB, TBWA, JWT, BBDO, Y & R, PUBLICIS etc and some of the top brands such Bacardi, Coca Cola, Phillips, Western Union, Vodafone, Robinson's UK, Omnitel and many more.

His commercials, music videos and short films have won prizes over the years in their local markets and gained much acclaim. Besides awards for his commercials, his private work has also achieved much. His music video for Coparck was selected into the modern art museum in the Netherlands under the exhibition “Best Dutch Music Videos Ever Made” next to U2 and Bjork videos directed by Anton Corbijn. It also ranked no.1 on MTV for a record of 2 months, was published in multiple newspapers and magazines such as Spin Magazine the US. http://www.taxfonds.nl/pers/2007-06-22-lalala.pdf

His short film “Road Rage” travelled the world’s festival network picking up many prizes as far as Germany, Italy, Japan and more and was the first short film to be distributed in the commercial cinemas as a prefilm to the Hollywood features. His latest film has just hit he festival circuit and has already been nominated for a Golden Kalf (the Dutch Oscar). He is now busy with multiple Feature Film projects and TV series alongside his commercials. According to Daniel, both disciplines complement each other enormously.

Daniel still lives and directs in Amsterdam but has since gone global and is represented in more than thirteen countries internationally such as Holland, England, France, Turkey, Russia, The Baltics, Czech, South Africa etc. where he continues to build strong bonds with the agencies he works with there.

Although coming from a strong acting and performance driven background, Daniel’s graphic design background also made him popular in the visual commercial genre. In the commercial world this style usually goes hand in hand with VFX and so over the years he developed a vast experience and know-how with this tool or medium and eventually he was given the niche as a VFX specialist director.

Daniel is looking for fresh, strong and insightful ideas and concept to build beautiful commercials around.

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