(ˈstræt əˌsfɪər)

1.     Abbrev. for strat•o•sphere 

The region of the atmosphere above the troposphere and below the mesosphere.

2.     An extremely high or the highest point or degree on a scale.

Strato Films has been creating influential, award-winning commercials, music videos, promos and experimental pieces since its founding by Partners Paula Walker and Rolf Kestermann. Strato Films has achieved an international reach, working on a diversity of projects in Europe, Asia, South America and throughout the world. As a company, we strive to present the most imaginative, original vision by forging ties to unique talent to create superlative work. Deeply committed to our clients and promoting close collaborations, we transform ideas into visual form. We maintain the highest level of integrity in everything we do in a relaxed atmosphere conducive to great teamwork.